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Updated: Apr 4, 2019


We are so excited to introduce our new project called Sucre to you! This adventure has been a few years in the making, in fact, within a year of us working together, I think we knew we had started a friendship and working relationship that would last for many years to come. Together we have over 20 years of events experience and I have been devoted to baking for the last 3 years. With this venture we’ll be for sure sweetening your special days, but hopefully also helping you create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Through this blog we’ll share with you our various obsessions of the moment, at times also our favourites addresses found through our travels and some behind the scene moments from our creative process.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading us, following us and we can’t wait to get to know you!


Karine & Nazli

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1 Comment

Thank you so much, Karine.

The Mindcraft cake was a total hit with my 8 year old grandson and my 6 year old granddaughter's eyes could not have been bigger than when she saw the Unicorn cake. And for the adults, everyone loved the great-tasting cakes. A 10/10 for sure !

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