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Take a seat at the table

The dining table in most homes is where everything begins and ends. Not only are you sitting at that table 3 times a day for meals, but it’s often the scene of celebrations, deep conversations, great sadness and great joy. This one piece of furniture is witness to the most important events of your and your family’s life. This is why food and cooking have been such an influence and a strong passion for me in my life. Dinner time at our house growing up was sacred. We knew that dinner was at 6 and that‘s when we’d talk about our day, laugh ourselves to tears and try and figure out what our Dad did different this time in his goulash! As we are now 1 year later in this pandemic, socially distanced for most of us from our loved ones, I find this moment of the day is still the most important and am pleased to see so many have found solace and comfort in the kitchen. As I write this, sitting at my dining room table that has been used as a desk and study hall more than a place for celebrations I am looking forward to the near future when we can gather again.

So for spring this year we've prepared for you a few special desserts in smaller formats so you can share with your immediate bubble or even order and deliver to your friends and/or family. For the month of March we've chosen a maple cake, filled with sweet maple flavour and salty bacon.

In April we'll be offering a Scandinavian almond cookie tower called Kransekake that can be filled in the center with whichever sweet treats you want and smashed to bits for a fun end to a meal. Let me mention that it is gluten-free and super chewy and delicious!

Lastly, for the month May we'll be bringing in the sunshine with tiny lemon curd tartlets that are sure to please any Mom.

Let us continue to fill your tables with sweet moments.

Take care,

Karine xo

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