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Celebration cake

This cake is perfect to celebrate the milestones! It’s a champagne pound cake filled with light strawberry mousse and covered in our luscious vanilla buttercream .

6”: 50$

8”: 60$


Pucker up Buttercup

To all the lemon lovers, this is the one for you! Three layers of lemon pound cake filled with lemon curd and graham cracker crumbs and finished with lemon buttercream.


Meeting the in-laws

A soft spice layer cake with a cream cheese frosting is sure to put you in the good books with the in-laws.

6”: 45$

8”: 55$


Can you feel the chill in the air?

Three soft layers of chocolate cake filled with a mint chip mousse and covered in a dark mint chocolate ganache. How cool is that?


Eating my emotions

Everything you need if you’ve just gone through a breakup, received bad news or just had a bad day. 1 layer of chocolate chip cookie, one layer of brownie and one layer of cheesecake all covered in a marshmallowy chocolate frosting.

6”: 60$

8”: 70$


Afternoon Buzz:

A jolt of coffee in 3 layers of cake filled with a coffee buttercream, a coffee caramel and for added crunch a chocolate cookie crumble.

6”: 50$

8”: 60$


I Feel Rich Today

A ridiculously rich chocolate layer cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, salted caramel and a buttery shortbread crumble all covered in a velvety chocolate ganache finished with a touch of sea salt.

6”: 65$

8”: 75$

6”: 50$

8”: 60$


Plain Jane

For those of you that like a classic vanilla cake with a classic American vanilla frosting- this one will satisfy your childhood cravings.

6”: 45$

8”: 55$

6”: 50$

8”: 60$


Hop to it!

This carrot cake is one close to my heart, a family recipe passed on from my grandmother it is everything you want in a cake. It’s sweet, tangy, spicy, nutty and with a classic ginger cream cheese frosting.

6”: 45$

8”: 55$


Just Because

When you’re in need of cake, this rich chocolate slab cake with it’s marshmallowy chocolate buttercream will do the trick.

Up to 4: 30$

Up to 8: 40$

Please note that all of these cakes can also be made into cupcake form. All of our products may contain traces of nuts, eggs and gluten.

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